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Russian Language Lessons

Private online Russian Language Lessons via Skype study Russian it's easy!

Learn russian language via Skype
Learn russian language via Skype

Do you want to speak Russian? Do you need Russian language for work, business, or you are just keen on Russian culture? Do you need language skills for business communication or you just want to better understand your Russian friends?

Learn Russian via Skype! Learn to speak the Russian language now with a personal language tutor via Skype. Online language courses and language training one to one via Skype will help you to learn the Russian language effectively, quickly and easily. You do not have to travel to Russia, make Russian visa, and spend money for flight or train tickets. You do not even have to go out to a language school, you can study Russian at home in front of your computer.

The price of one Skype lesson of Russian language is really low - just $10 per academic hour (45 minutes)! We receive payments with PayPal.

I am native Russian speaker from St. Petersburg with experience in private teaching of Russian as a foreign language. Knowledge of other languages (I know English, Italian, German, French, Spanish) allows me to teach students of various nationalities and comprehensively explain them in their native language the logic of the Russian one.

My teaching approach is individually oriented, because each student has own interests, motivations and capacities. Important is to inspire student to learn a language, stimulate curiosity and independence in learning, and develop all skills simultaneously: grammar, conversation, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and pronunciation.

Please, if you want to speak Russian well, contact me now via the Contact page.

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